ZEPHYR: The End Cloud Odyssey

Zephyr is a student team game I worked on at Falmouth university.

The game is a first person speedrunning platformer.  In the game the player is tasked with traversing floating islands and avoiding dangerous traps in order to find artefact pieces in as fast a time as possible.

Project Details

The game was developed and made in the Unity game engine over 9 months with a team of 9 students of various disciplines.

Game Engine

Unity - C#

Development Time

7 Months

Team Size

9 students

700+ downloads in the first 2 weeks of release

My Contributions

I primarily worked on the core gameloop of Zephyr, the player controller, the end boss and the UI and UX of the game. The most challenging thing I worked on was probably the Game Manager as it sets up the rules of the game and allows for the gameloop to work for each level.

I also worked on some shader programming for the grass and butterflies in the game and I also made a cool corruption shader for the End Boss that unfortunately didn’t make it into the final game.


And for the majority of the project I had the role of Scrum Master to help organise the tasks and workload for each team member and give a clear goal and focus for each sprint.

   List of my contributions:

  • Early game development rapid prototyping

  • Hold scrum & Deadline meetings

  • Rigidbody Character Controller

  • Game Manager

  • UI menus

  • Level Select

  • Scoreboard

  • Grass Shader

  • Butterflies shader

  • End Boss