Planetary Pest Control

Planetary Pest Control is an asymmetrical coop adventure game that puts you and a friend in control of Wrench and E.V, two exterminators stranded on a hostile fungal world after a contract goes wrong.

Project Details

The game was developed and made in the Unity game engine over 9 months with a team of 14 students of various disciplines.

Game Engine

Unity - C#

Development Time

7 Months

Team Size

14 students

Planetary Pest Control won 3 awards at the Games Academy Digital Expo!

Most polished game

Best game voted by industry members

People's vote for best third year game

My Contributions

I primarily worked on the functionality and AI of the 4 different types of enemies of the game including the environmental spawners that would spawn in the enemies in different interesting ways.

Working on the AI of the enemies was the most challenging task during the development of this game as I was fairly new to working on behaviour trees.

As this was a fairly big team I had to work closely with designers and other programmers in order to successfully implement the most important features.

   List of my contributions:

  • Early game development rapid prototyping

  • 4 Different enemy types and AI

  • Enemy Spawners

  • E.V. Visor changing system

  • Early main menu functionality

  • Lots of bug fixing