Invisible Snowball Battle

Invisible Snow Battle is an online action-party game for up to 8 players. It's a snowball battle, except everyone's invisible. Look out and listen for other player's footprints whilst hasily rolling your own snowballs for ammunition. The player with the most points when time runs out wins!

Project Details

Invisible Snowball Battle is a online multiplayer game a  friend (Louis Foy) and I worked on and made in the 4 days before Christmas 2018, as a kind of Christmas Jam.

Game Engine

Unity - C#

Development Time

4 days before Xmas

Team Size

2 Programmers

About the project

Invisible Snow Battle was developed in 4 days and was a random passion project by me and a friend, during our stay at university through the Christmas 2018 holidays. We worked remotely, employing a loose agile workflow using Trello, and using playtests effectively to iteratively develop the game to a highly playable state.

My focus on the project was the player controller, player abilities and level design along with some UI elements.

   List of my contributions:

  • Rigidbody Character Controller

  • UI menus

  • In-Game UI

  • Level Select

  • Snowball throwing

  • Level Design

  • Particle Effects