Cyberbugs is a post apocalyptic twin stick shooter which takes place long after humanity has gone extinct. Insectoids has gained consciousness through the means of cybernetics by previous human experiments and are now having the time of their life. Enter the arena and fight your way out.

Project Details

The game was developed and made in the Unity game engine over 4 months with a team of 3 developers (a 3D environment artist and 2 programmers)

Game Engine

Unity - C#

Development Time

4 Months

Team Size

3 developers

About the Project

Lead the team to develop a prototype of cyberbugs in 4 months that was then demonstrated at a convention in Poland: Poznań Games Arena 2021

This project was a blast, and I learnt many valuable leadership skills such as: organizing and motivating team members, setting goals, giving constructive feedback and consistently meeting deadlines.

   List of my contributions:

  • Project lead

  • Player controller

  • Enemy AI

  • All character models

  • Procedural bipedal animation system

  • Core game loop

  • Weapons system

  • Shader and materials

  • VFX